The Seminar Video Series

Professor Charles Dwyer hosts a forceful and highly entertaining tour through the corridors of today’s organizations. Distilling the best of his distinguished career at the Wharton School of Business and independent consulting, he ferrets out the reality from the myth and builds a point-by-point program for dramatically increasing your effectiveness and that of the people around you.
Previously available only within Wharton and select speaking engagements, this powerful and award-winning 3-part series is now available to everyone.
Recorded live before a diverse group of accomplished senior executives, each program elicits an abundance of challenging exchanges and brings a practical reality to the issues—a message that is enhanced through computerized animation, graphics, and film clips. Each program includes two video tapes, a comprehenisve study guide, audio tapes, program transcript, test and answer key. The result is a concise learning experience that can be taken in predefined stages by even the busiest professional.
Achieving Power and Influence Within Organizations lays out out an effective and comprehensive approach for empowering you to thrive in even the most competitive areas. This series presents the essential Dwyer, who is considered by many to offer “the best of the best” of executive education—the reviews received speak for themselves.