The Seminar Video Series

Myths and

This seminar challenges our conceptions of what we have been taught about organizations and establishes a powerful alternative model that enables you to substantially increase your effectiveness. You will learn the hard-nosed realities inherent to all organizations — clarifications that provide you with the basis for powerful strategic action.

Determine the true organizational chart and where you appear on it.

Perceive the realities behind the modern corporate structure, and thus empowered, work with greater effectiveness and personal satisfaction.

Accurately translate the corporate language to its real meaning.

Feature Presentation: 111 min.
Audience Participation: 70 min.


This seminar details new and effective ways to think and act with respect to power and presents a path to maximum influence within any organization. You will learn to better use your behavior to influence the patterns of behavior and performance of everyone else around you.

Effectively manage people, whether your peers,
subordinates or your boss.

Increase your effectiveness and that of the people around you.

Achieve your goals, whether personal, financial, or career.

Feature Presentation: 112 min.
Audience Participation: 65 min.

the Self
for Success

This seminar provides a simple, highly effective process for recreating yourself into a significantly more powerful and influential person. In it you will learn a proven methodology for changing anything about yourself you wish — simply, quickly, and, with minimal effort.

Overcome self-imposed limitations.

Transform yourself into the person you want to be.

Open yourself to new opportunities without fear of failure.

Establish more effective relationships with your co-workers and staff.

Perform under pressure with ease and confidence.

Feature Presentation: 108 min.
Audience Participation: 65 min.

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