People are talking!

“Charles Dwyer is perhaps the best of the best. . . . When you finish his program, you are truly empowered.”
Richard F. Capalbo, Chairman,1998 Securities Industry Institute

“Brilliant psychological insights, master presenter. . . . This series is indispensable if you want to grow and change. Outstanding in every aspect of production, presentation, and information.”
Daniel W. O’Brien, President, Columbus-Cabrini Medical Foundation
“Professor Dwyer’s work comes closest to helping people achieve their goals. . . . This message is elaborated powerfully in this three-part series and comprises the real reason for his participation in the management programs I direct.”
Sheldon Rovin, Director, Management Programs
Wharton Executive Education, The Wharton School of Business

“I think this is a real breakthrough program, delivered in an extremely well-done package.”
Roger Schenke, Executive Vice Presidient
The American College of Physician Executives

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. . . . The series does not offer the oversimplified answers — it is a real and challenging tool.”
James L. Cobb, Vice President, ARCO Chemical Company
“The series clearly lays out an aresenal of critical and practical techniques for today’s busy manager — a system of paradigms founded on common sense and practical application.. The study guide is terrific.”
I. Donald Snook, Jr. President, Presbyterian Medical Center

“Fabulous program. The production itself is absolutely first class.
The results were amazing. . . . ”

Thomas J. Horan, Director, Interagency Training
U.S. General Services Administration

“Professor Dwyer has produced the tools that will benefit any physician interested in weathering the uncertain climate of health care. . . . It helped me get my arms around some of the elusive factors that separate failure from success.”
Barbara LeTourneau, M.D. MBA, FACPE, Minneapolis